I tour around theatres, comedy clubs and increasingly churches of all shapes and sizes with my one-man show. I'm quite bookable you know, so click the Contact Me link if you'd like to do so. Sometimes I tour around with other comedians, sometimes it's just me, and I'm most happy doing the full-length show where I bring a laptop, plug into a projector and your sound system, and do an evening of jokes, stories, songs, slides and general fun.

It's very much a show for everyone - recommended 12A just because it's not aimed at kids and there are no balloon animals. But it's a clean show and great for all from archbishops to atheists. I'll bring my books along, and if anyone wants one signed, I'd be happy to. I've been working on my J.K Rowling autograph, which can only add value.

There's a good taster video here, filmed at the Everything Conference, which shows a bit of stand-up and an interviewed bit afterwards.

Contact me to send over details of prices and other possible formats for the evening - but think of it as mostly stand-up with some multimedia, maybe a Q&A if wanted, and a nice interval if you want to offer refreshments. (I mean to the audience, not me - I'll bring my own Ginster's pasty)

I also tour a special Christmas show with other comedians, called 'Comedians & Carols' - click on the link to find out more about that.

"A great event for us. It was very easy to bring our friends to and it combined humour and a clear message. I thoroughly

recommend it as a way of reaching out beyond the fringes of the church." Rev Roger Simpson, St Michael-le-Belfry, York, on Paul's Christmas show 'Comedians & Carols'

"A fun evening received well by all, it added a fresh dynamic element to our Christmas programme." Paul Folland, Letchworth Family Church, on Paul's Christmas show 'Comedians & Carols'

"Ingenious." Evening Standard

"Well worth a night out." The Scotsman