PREVIOUS FESTIVAL SHOWS (from Edinburgh & elsewhere):

2005, Edinburgh - Paul Kerensa's 26

My first solo stand-up show was a show in real-time. Well they all are. This contained Jack Bauer-esque action, some split-screen antics, a dark light with hidden clues and a spot of counter-terrorism. One of the stars of 24 happened to be in Edinburgh at the time and came along, so we had fun with him.

2006, Edinburgh - Back To The Futon

We've got to go back, Marty, back to the festival! Possibly the most fun I've had onstage, and certainly the most fun I've had in a Delorean. Yes, we had a Delorean car join us for the fringe, I got my own hoverboard, had some fun and japes with time travel, and even got to beat myself up onstage by travelling back in time to ransack an earlier part of my own stand-up set. Just Back to the Futon pt III to do now...

2007, Edinburgh - Genesis

Theoretically the first of 66 annual consecutive shows culminating with Revelation in 2073. This was a stand-up guide to God's debut non-fiction book, retelling everything from God calling it a day to Joseph and his technicolor musical, via fig-leaves, arks, covenants and genetic engineering involving speckled sheep. We had guest comedians at this show interpreting their own favourite Genesisian story. This show became a book in March 2014 and you could purchase one here.

2008, Edinburgh - iPaul: The Great Playlist Challenge

12 months, 12 musical genres. It's all I listened to for a year. Month 1 was Pop, Month 2 was Rock, then there was Classical, Christmas songs, Musicals, Rap, Power Ballads (which was a great month), Rat Pack (which was an even greater month)... This show had 11 costume changes in one hour, and was the show I'm probably proudest of. Shame no one reviewed it...

2009, Greenbelt Festival - Exodus

A couple of years after presenting Genesis: The Stage-Show, I presented the sequel. In all honesty, this one-off performance was 50 minutes of flannel and then one very nice closing song that put the entire events of Exodus to the tune of Bohemian Rhapsody. I've been parading said song around the country ever since. I stopped at Exodus. Leviticus seemed a lot drier, comedically.

2010, Edinburgh - Borderline Racist

In this overly ambitious show, I tracked down the neighbourly feuds of every single country in the world. What Norwegians thought of Swedes, what Estonians thought of Latvians, what Angolans think of the Congolese... What a crammed hour this was. I've a wealth of material for this show that I just couldn't fit in to a stage hour. What it really needs is a 6-part radio/TV series (hint hint).

2011, Leicester - Toilet Humour

A lot of funny things have happened to me in toilets. This one-off show compiled a good dozen of loo-related anecdotes. I learned they all work in isolation, but combined, about 45mins in, the audience have a look on their faces that says, 'Can we have a story somewhere more sanitary please?' Also saw the stage debut of my son, who aged 3months old was brought onstage, was dazzled by the lights, and hasn't been the same since.

2012, Operation Noah charity event & Greenbelt Festival - Climate Change: A Dry Subject for Comedy

I was commissioned to write and perform an hour-show based on climate change and how to tackle it. I don't think I solved the problem, but we had fun trying.

2013, various - So A Comedian Walks Into A Church

Loosely based on my book of the same name, I began touring a solo show for churches - bits of my life-story, my journey to being a parent, some songs, some algebra, some nonsense... I've been touring a version of this show ever since.

2014, Leicester - Who Does He Think He Is?

Genealogy with jokes! I explored my family tree, just how Cornish I am, and whether I'm any sort of cousin to the Queen, via song and diagram and general waffle.

2015, Edinburgh - Back to the Futon, pt 2

It's the year that Marty McFly visited the future, and the year I returned to Edinburgh to interact with the previous version of myself, get confused with timelines, and celebrate all things Hill Valley, including an ACTUAL hoverboard (non-floating). Deloreantastic. Heavy. Great. Scot.

2016, various - Comedy & Carols

After nearly a decade of touring my Comedians & Carols shows, I brought a solo show version to select venues. 2 x 45mins of carolling, festive fun and Christmas jumpers, including Silent Night in Danish, my ten-year-old self singing Once In Royal David's City, and The Twelve Days of Brexit Xmas. Fun! More next December, I'm sure.

2017, Camden Fringe, Guildford Fringe, medical conferences et al - Navelless Gazing

This medical confessional was my most personal show to date - too personal for some! Yet just right for the many nurses, carers, patients and relatives of such people who said nice things afterwards. I might do a version of this show again some day, and it's available on request - although I might leave out that story about encountering that celebrity with that medical device.

2018, Spring Harvest etc - The Bible! The One-Man Jukebox Musical

A musical compilation, spanning Genesis to Revelation, using contemporaryish pop songs. It's the Greatest Story Ever Retold Via Gloria Gaynor etc! Includes old favourites like A Fairytale of Bethlehem, The Exodus Bohemian Rhapsody and American Pible, plus new songs including Another Day in Creation and Eminem's Letter to the Romans. It's available for touring if you fancy it at your place - I just need a screen, a projector, a sound desk and a crowd with earplugs/a will to sing along.

2018, Guildford Fringe Festival - Three Wise Men

A play that I wrote but wasn't in: An Englishman, An American and a German walk into a cabin... and change Christmas forever. This true tale about Charles Dickens, Prince Albert and Washington Irving was brought to life by Alex Perkins, Jennifer Masters and Bob Hartman. What fun! Christmas was given. We'll do it again one day, and I might write a novelisation of it. Here's the trailer, of when we did it online.

2019, Bible Society Tour - The Greatest Story Ever Routed

For more than a dozen dates, a cast and crew of twenty toured the land, with a full-length show that retold the Bible in both comedy and theology. I provided the comedy and some awful singing, Andrew Ollerton provided the theology, and Susie Lopez/Sound of Wales/Emily Bollon provided the music. Old Testament first half, New Testament second half, an Elvis outfit, a lot of crisps, a giant timeline prop, a TV wall, and lots of Premier Inn breakfasts. The best of times! One of my favourite reviews was in St Austell, after the show: "I was dragged here. I don't do church. I feel I understand the Bible now. I still don't believe it, but at least I understand it now..."

2020, PK's Uplift Live/Lunchlift Live

Lockdown struck and the stand-up gigs went quiet. But would I be silenced? Yes, for a bit. But after that, I did this full-length show for Spring Harvest, then weekly Youtube Live then Facebook Live shows for over a year. I called them Uplift Live then Lunchlift Live, and they're all there for the watching. Quizzes, games, readings, general interaction, that sort of thing.

2021, Online Festival Shows

As well as more Uplift/Lunchlift shows (see above), I did one-off shows like this full-length show on location for New Wine Festival. I uploaded this ol' one-man show too, available for watching for £PayWhatYouWant.

2022, The First Broadcast - on tour

I've written a one-man play/'stand-up history' based on the origin story of British broadcasting. Before the BBC, before John Reith had even heard of broadcasting, a few inventive pioneers turned wireless telephony into the medium of broadcasting - and two particular men, Arthur Burrows and Peter Eckersley, had very different ideas of what that could be. They were rivals and colleagues. Burrows wanted to inform and educate; Eckersley just wanted to entertain. I play them both in this performance, based on my podcast The British Broadcasting Century and my novel Auntie and Uncles. Come see the play on tour - or book it for your place. Click the contact link to make that happen.


...ah now that would be telling. The future's not written yet. So make it a good one - all of you.