Too much PK lovin' for one day? I recommend catching your breath at one of these fine sites...

The Movie Timeline

Movie trivia type historical chronicle of the world as told through da mooveeez. Try it.


By far the best guide to UK comedy, both live and TV. Join the forums and talk to like-minded individuals.

Great comedy resource. This link takes you to my review at Guilfest 2004.

As seen on Channel 4's The Big Breakfast (RIP), as well as a million other places.

The Big Fat List

Vote on everything vs. everything else, and help build the ultimate "best to worst" list.


And what a page to start your tour of the world of cinema...

Nottingham University New Theatre

If you, like me, went to Nottingham University and were in the New Theatre there, here's their website, including an alumni section. Altogether, "I like the flowers..."

Rainer Hersch

Rainer Hersch is a brilliant comedian and musician who performs around the world - in fact "the world's first classical music hooligan" (The Sun) and "Victor Borge for a new generation" (The Times). His web site is updated regularly and full of information about him, his solo shows and his own madcap mini-orchestra.

Spencer Brown's Page

He funny. One of the most entertaining Edinburgh shows I've seen.

Jason Harley's Page

A rather amusing young gentleman from the deepest, darkest depths of Liverpool.

Gary Delaney

The future of the pun lies with this man.

Jaik Campbell's Page

Jaik is not spelled Jake. And his comedy is both surprising, original and inventive. Yep - both of those three.

Matt Watts' Page

A fantastic compere, comedian, actor and all-round entertainer. And he always looks like someone you recognise.

Mike Belgrave's Page

Frankie Howard lives on in this man.

Danny James' Page

A man, a pair of specs, a song in his heart and a mission with the world.

King Cnut from Dave Griffiths

A man, a T-shirt franchise, a legal wrangling and a success story. All in one site.

Mission Improbable

A remarkably patient Nottingham improv comedy group.

The Laughing Horse

Running at least several comedy venues across London, with details of acts & dates & locations.

The Spark

Personality tests to entertain and enlighten.


You don't have to believe, but this is the best source of information around on religion.

Clacker's Comedy World

A new site devoted to comedy in all its forms.

The London Theatre Guide

Updated weekly with what's on in the West End & Fringe.