Edinburgh 2005:

"Paul Kerensa is one self-confessed nerd whose mastery of his comedy art is first rate. He's managed to put together some pre-recorded split screens for his audience but it's all just a useful gimmick with which to frame his informed stand-up set. Lanky, ginger and born in Cornwall, everything seems to be against Kerensa ever being remotely funny, yet time and again he manages to come up with some cracking one-liners. Proving you don't always have to be edgy to be funny, the brainy comic is as clever as he is amusing."

* * * *
- Metro, August 25th 2005

"A comic wave that just keeps coming... As effortless a writer as he is a performer."
- The Stage, September 2005

* * * *

"I first became aware of Paul a few years ago when he wrote and starred in the excellent play Spinning Jenny so I was keen to see what his inventive mind had come up with for his stand-up show entitled 26. The show is a sort of homage to 24, the American TV show, as Paul is selected to solve an immediate problem aided by, or should that be hindered, by his Sat Nav. Paul is a very amenable comedian reacting well with his audience, and has some very funny material."

* * * *

"Kerensa is a wildly talented comic... His on-stage presence is one of the most amiable and unthreatening around, whilst his writing is uniquely left of field and introduces concepts that a lot of his peers could not even imagine. Big things await this man." - Aug 2005

Stand-up comedy:

"Attitude, style & diamond-sharp wit."
- Maxim magazine, August 2002

"F***ing funny."
- Ricky Gervais

"Do I know you?"
- Harry Hill

"Excellent one-liners... Extremely confident & professional... Inspired prop-based maths putdowns... He impressed with his control of the stage and the crowd - I hope we'll be seeing a lot more of him in the future."
- Click here for full review

- Bruce Dessau, Evening Standard

Part of Critic's Choice
- Heat magazine

"Paul's material is very cleverly written and at times borders on the ingenious... Some near to the knuckle material that belies his laidback stage manner... Had us in the palm of his hand... One to watch."
- (website for Last Laugh Comedy Club, Sheffield

"The experience gleaned from 3 years on the circuit showed - he made it look effortless."
- Marissa Burgess, Manchester Online

"In manner and style, he has the confident, unconfrontational manner of Dave Gorman, though for material he is certainly an original."
"an impressively strong routine."
- Chortle

"Anyone that can storm a club using simultaneous equations has got to be a bit special."
"Fantastic and original material... That bloke is going to be a star."
- XS Malarkey website

"Well worth a night out."
- The Scotsman


Twice Nightly:

"In performance, Twice Nightly is simply perfect."
"Layer upon layer of comedy."
"Highly original & engaging."
"Immensely funny script and ingenious plot."
"All the evidence would suggest that Paul Kerensa is quite obviously destined for higher things."
- The Guildfordian

"Not once does the cast lose the audience's attention."
"The entire production reaffirms one's faith in the ability of a performance
to breathe life into a seemingly unworkable idea."
* * * *
- The Scotsman

"Fast and furious… hilarious!"
- Scot FM

The Last Supper:

"Interesting and original, both intellectual and entertaining."
- Impact

Spinning Jenny:

"Don't miss it. Stars of tomorrow! 5/5"
- Visitor to

"Wonderfully theatrical."
- The Scotsman

"Pure nouveau-Ayckbourn... such a talented young cast & crew."
- Three Weeks

"Brilliantly original & inspired."
"Leaves you pretty damned impressed at the whole thing."
- Chortle

"The writing is excellent... the whole experience is of 70 minutes well spent."
"Get a ticket - you'll regret it if you don't."