THE LATEST: 2023...

Hello you

To quote the Quo, well here we are and here we are and here we go.

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So here's my latest:


Click here for details of my mini-tour all about (very) old radio. I'll be taking An Evening of (Very) Old Radio (and sometimes The First Religious Broadcast: Re-staged) to:

Sat 24th June, 7:30pm - The First Religious Broadcast: Re-staged - All Saints Church, Onslow Village, GUILDFORD

Sat 1st July, 5pm - An Hour of (Very) Old Radio: Auntie Beeb's First Year - The Star Inn, GUILDFORD Fringe Festival

Wed 5th July - An Evening of Comedy & (Very) Old Radio - ROMSEY Methodist Church, Romsey Festival

Sun 24th Sept, 3pm - An Hour of (Very) Old Radio - The Tabard Theatre, Turnham Green, W. LONDON

Fri 6th Oct - An Evening of (Very) Old Radio - Christ Church URC, CHELMSFORD

Sun 8th Oct - The First Religious Broadcast: Re-staged - KETTERING Arts Centre

There's also stand-up (see Gig Guide), or book me for stand-up (especially in church comedy shows - I do LOTS of them) or the touring show retelling/re-enacting the first firsts of broadcasting - click that link to be in touch.


My new book Auntie and Uncles: The Bizarre Birth of the BBC is out soon, and I'm continuing my podcast The British Broadcast Century all about the origin story of the BBC, radio and life as we know it. It's fun. Try it! It's all part of a huge project I'm doing about old radio (click to find out more). With extra behind the scenes things on Patreon.

Try The British Broadcasting Century Podcast right here:

I'm writing various things, inc. the latest series of Not Going Out with Lee Mack, and numerous pitches for sitcoms and documentaries. I've had a documentary recently picked up by a certain radio station with a 4 in the name, but till that's official I can say no more! Yet. I'm also teaching as a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Winchester, and I hope to run my online writing course via Zoom again soon. Interested in that? Get in touch via the Contact link and nag me about it.

Other recent/ongoing work includes Radio 2 Pause for Thought, hosting on BBC Radio Sussex/Surrey, working on some children's books, and another book on Christmas past (yes another!). I've also got a blog about writing or Christmas or old radio (depending on my current mood/obsessions), monthly articles for Reform magazine, plays like Three Wise Men, Carpenter's Dozen... and other stuff.


There's my Audible Original Podcast, CHRISTMAS: WHAT THE FALALALALA? You can find more details here. It's me and Grace Dent nattering about everything Christmassy, with me occasionally doing deep-dives into festive past. Plus great guests: Zaltzman, Porter, Keaveny, Bell, Nawaz, Jones... Discover their first names, plus lots about Christmas, by listening. You can only catch it on Audible, but a free trial of Audible awaits you at this link - even if you've had one before, so long as it's not in the past 12mths. Do it! Speak to you then.

My 4th children's book - Judge Deb and the Battle of the Bands - is now out - more info on that and my eight other books on St Andrew's Bookshop's special page here.

My old podcast, A Paul Kerensa Podcast, includes guests ranging from Miranda Hart to Jimmy Cricket to Tim Vine to my kids.

And you can try A Paul Kerensa Podcast right here:

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You're a movie geek? Try my unique movie trivia site - The Movie Timeline. It's a timeline of every event in every film ever. It also needs a makeover, but the trivia titbits are there.

I must give credit to my good pals Jon and Russ for making and feeding this site, and while I'm here let me reciprocate by plugging


The writer of the first joke on the last episode of the longest-running topical sketch show of all time...!

Ok. The News Huddlines on BBC Radio 2 is the longest-running topical sketch show of all time. Till it stopped, as soon as I joined. But on its last episode - the 2001 Christmas special - the first joke was mine. Hence, record validated.

The only bellybuttonless comedian in the world!

Ok. I have no navel. Neither did Alfred Hitchcock. Neither did Adam. Long story. So that's for another day. As far as I'm aware, no either stand-up comic in the world lacks a bellybutton. A navelless maths comedian. I've found my niche. Hence, record validated.

The first person in 20 years to beat the gong at London's Comedy Store!

Ok. The Comedy Store was one of only 2 clubs I ever went to as a comedy punter, so I thought it would be cool to play there, say, within my first 100 gigs. It was gig no.99 - the revival of the infamous Gong Show, previously banned because of its detrimental effect on comedy. Still, it's a good way of seeing lots of new acts at once, no matter how shit they are. There was about 40 of us on that first night in January 2002... I was on about 15th. So the audience had had some blood, seen some dross and were ready to be tickled. Five minutes of quick-gags/no-long-build-ups later - job done. Hence, record validated.


If you know your UK live comedians, click on the Comedy Tube Map to see a selection of the best, laid out as you'd never thought anyone would bother trying to before. Click on it and it'll make sense. Maybe.


If you are reading this as a booker, producer or anyone else who would like to throw some work my way, there are agent details at the top of the page, or contact me directly via the e-mail contact form.

Nuff said. Kerensa out. Stay groovy. Staycataion. Steak.